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Life. You don't know how precious it can be until you die for two
minutes. I felt myself being torn from the world, but before I could
protest, a warm light filled me and I was back.

Dr Bryce and the nurses were smiling at me. I smiled back. I was
alive and so was my child. None of them bothered to question the
miracle, but Jonathan told me what happened later.

Apparently, he and Clark stole the key to the ship from the DCA. They
used it to heal myself and Clark, who had also been infected. When
Jonathan told me how weak he was, it scared me. It also scared me that
Dr Bryce knew our secret.

However, it looks as though she's not going to say anything on the
matter. I trust her and it looks like Jonathan does too.

I just have one thing left to say. Don't take life or family for
granted. In the end, they're the most important things you have.


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So, Lana and Clark have a date. I'm happy for them, really. They deserve each other.

Lately I've been so behind on The Torch. Guess there's just been too much drama going on around here. Like Mr. Kent shooting Lionel Luthor. I still don't get why he did it. I called Lex and asked him if his father was okay. He said he was although he didn't seem to thrilled about it himself. Can't blame him. Lionel has never been a real father to Lex.

Maybe I should look more into it...
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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

I can't believe it! Jonathan was arrested for attempted murder! MURDER! Jonathan Kent, the man I fell in love with. One of the most caring men I know! All the evidence pointed to him. The drinking, the gun, the witness to the argument.

All he was supposed to be doing that night was running errands. Who knew that it would end up so badly. Lionel Luthor had been shot and my husband was the main suspect.

I know Jonathan could never do something so horrible, but when Ethan showed me the evidence, I didn't know what to think. Ethan found the watch Lionel had given to me on the floor, in pieces, in our room. I told him I had planned on giving the watch back to Lionel. Why I took it to begin with, I don't know.

He told me he thought he was losing me to him. To bigger and better things. He was jealous. He could never lose me, I love him so much! I would never leave him because he gave me two of the most important things I needed: love and our son. It took me some time to convince him we should adopt Clark and he embraced the idea when he saw how much I wanted to.

Clark. He was so wonderful the past few days. Whenever he was with me, he told me to have hope. He told me everything would be all right. He was right.

The real culprit behind the shooting was Sheriff Ethan. Jonathan's friend from high school. An officer of the law. I barely know what to think. A friend of the whole town. Where do we go from here?

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As soon as I heard about the situation, I left for Metropolis immediatelly. I was hoping that I could be of any assistance. I got there and overheard who was being held hostage in the buiding. It turns out that it was Mr. Luther, Lex Luther's father. The same guy that almost hit me with his car that one day as I was Leaving the Talon. Mrs. Kent was also held in the building. I saw Clark, a boy I've seen frequently at the Talon, there at the scene. I pieced things together and figured out that his mother was inside. The police wouldn't let me get close to the building and threatened to arrest me if I tried again. Suddenly, Clark was gone. I scanned the area again and continued to listen to the police's discussions about the situation. I was drawing too much attention and people's lives were at stake. I was unsure of what to do. I looked up at the floor that they were being held at and something cought my eye. A small figure, up on the roof of the Daily Planet. Was that...Clark? The guy jumped from the roof of the Daily Planet and smashed into the windows of the building where Mr. Luther and Mrs. kent were. I was astonished. No mere human could be capable of such a thing. No one else saw and I felt like I should keep it a secret. But I must investigate this further. I just...feel bad. I know what it's like to have to hide a secret...to hide who you really are...

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<lj-cut text="[LJ Cut for Spoilers]" Sunday was the anniversary of my marriage to Jonathan. To say that it was eventful would be an understatement. I had to go into work that day. Jonathan had a wonderful picnic packed for the two of us. Unfortunately, Lionel Luthor had other plans. Lionel called and said he had some paper work which needed to be taken care of as soon as possible. However, we needed to go to his office in Metropolis. Jonathan was none too pleased. I didn't blame him, but he knows how much this job means to me. He started yelling at me, saying I don't put my family first. I was shocked, I always put my family first! That's why I took this job. Once there, I learned that we were the only ones in the office. I thought there would be more people there, but apparently not. Lionel signed a few things and told me that we were standing in my new office. I was flabbergasted, but declined because I couldn't be in Metropolis everyday. Clark and Jonathan needed me. He also offered me a beautiful gold watch. There was a inscription: 'To Martha. With deep affection. LL.' This worriedly me greatly. Before I could think much of it, four unknown people burst into the room and before I knew it, we were being held hostage. I immediately thought of Jonathan. The last words we had spoken to one another were in anger. I knew we should have settled this before I left. Things went from bad to worse when one of men pulled out a gun and shot another. The one that was killed was working for some unknown man. From the way Lionel was acting, it sounded like he knew who it could be. When the group finally managed to open the vault, there was only meteor rocks shaped into bars and tons of files. A whole lot of nothing just as Lionel said. I glanced down at them and saw a file with Clark's name on it. Besides that, the octagonal shaped metal (key, maybe?) was among the items from the vault. Now they wanted money in exchange for us. The man on the phone and Lionel both started offering money to them. The man on the phone wanted the contents of the vault as well. Before anything more could happen, there was a loud crash and Clark came barreling through the door. I screamed his name as he came in contact with the meteor rocks. I managed to move them back into the (lead) vault and rushed over to him. The next evening, I showed Jonathan my resignation letter for Lionel. He suggested we take a page from the Luthor family. So, I became a spy. I had to learn what else Lionel knew about Clark. We had to keep him safe. As for the octagonal key. It's safely hidden. I want to learn more about it before I hand it to Clark. I want to be certain he's ready for it.
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Wow ... Clark ... he ... God he asked me out!

Finally! I mean I didn't want to admit the way i felt about him, cause of whitney. But he finally got up the nerve to ask.

He was so cute. Like I would or could even say no?

The guy has no clue how cute he is. Let alone the fullterbys in the hearts of all the girls in smallville.

I just hope Chloe's not upset. I know they had that ... yeah ... I should probably talk to her.

Clark has so many secrets though. Always running around, He's so ... cryptic and mysterious. Can I handle him not telling me everything?
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Busy as a bee

That's what I am. I believe Lionel wants me to join him in Metropolis sometime next week. I don't know what Jonathan is going to think about that, but I can't let it bother me. He knows how much this job means to me.

It looks like Clark and Lana have gotten a little closer. I hope he doesn't decide to tell her everything. I don't want either of them hurt and I have a feeling that would happen if he did.


The holidays are over now and I have yet to tell Lana how I feel. With all these powers I have she turns me into a frightened little kid every time. Makes me envy Lex as he is so suave with the ladies and he has a remarkable level of confidence. Pete is a little confused that I am afraid to talk to Lana as he is the only one other than mom and dad who know the real me. Being a teenager is so confusing.

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I've been so busy lately. Especially with the holidays. It was a good one. Clark had a few of his friends over Christmas Eve night and we played some games.

I think Chloe wanted to speak to me about something but I haven't been able to get a hold of her. I wonder what it could be about. Chloe, if you read this, give me a call.

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I had a woman named Diana Price visit me today while I was in the Talon office. She seemed extremely nice, but there was something off about her. She asked me all I knew about the meteor rocks and I showed her my wall of wierd. She seemed interested. After awhile she thanked me and left.

Clark, Pete, Lex and I also had a picnic a couple days ago. And Lex seems to have put me under his charm. He also promised me an interview. *smirks*

Now all I have to do is get Clark and Lana together. And I think I just might now how to do it. First I'll need to talk to Mrs. Kent....

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